SD card reader for iPhone: an accessory with smart software and a bunch of extra storage

136 zoomlt 2.jpgiPhones and iPod Touches don’t have SD memory slots and it gets annoying sometimes, it’s hard to fit pictures, vidoes and music on 16gb.

But a hardware makers zoomMediaPlus have just created an iPhone accessory – the zoomlt – that plugs into your iPhone’s base and lets you slot an SD card in. This means you can see photos, play music and read documents off the card on a smart software viewer that optimises the experience.

The adapter works via a free iPhone app that you are prompted to download. This interface has some useful functions: not only can you upload photos on the SD to Facebook or Flickr, but the app knows what the best resolution for each of those sites is and will automatically shrink giant photos down to Facebook/Flickr or email-friendly size saving time so that you don’t upload more detail than you need to.

According to Venturebeat, the zoomlt will also play any unprotected music or video files – a nice way to beef up the music on your phone beyond iTunes.
136 zoomlt.jpg

Zoomlt for iPhone and iPod, $59.95 from, shipping in April, $10 off preorders

[via VentureBeat]

Anna Leach