AA do a Best of Britain iPhone app

It won’t pick you up from the side of the road and lovingly restore your pooped car engine, but the British Automobile Association (AA) have released an iPhone app. Focussing more on the guidebook side of the business rather than the car repair side, The AA’s Best of Britain app gives detailed descriptions of holiday conveniences from the opening hours of golf resorts to the prices of hotels and phone numbers of restaurants.

They say the app features info on over 14,000 inspected, selected and recommended establishments and of course you can search by what’s around you as well as looking for what’s in a particular area. The information on offer is very detailed, though not sure how often this will be updated. One problem flagged up in the iTunes comments is that though the information is good, it can be a little hard to navigate: you can’t search for a particular hotel by name, only by its location, and also that distances were given by as the crow flies exact measurements, not taking into account roads.

Sounds good if you’re taking a happy-go-lucky camping staycation this summer or if you just like wandering around the country playing golf. Hopefully some updates will add new search functionality. At £4.99 it’s a little steep, but still, slightly cheaper than a book.

Anna Leach