Cab app Hailo offers free taxis to voters

Hailo, the taxi app that was Uber for black cabs before Uber existed, is giving away free taxi rides to anyone voting in the General Election. All you need to do is pre-book your cab using the Hailo app (iOS, Android and Apple Watch), go to your polling station, and as long as your fare’s under £15, it’s free.


New parenting trend? Over-protective dad tracks daughter with a drone

Drones are quickly becoming commonplace in all kinds of spaces, the military, retail, entertainment. But what about parenting? Well, an over-protective dad in the States has made global headlines today because he revealed he tracks his daughter’s movements to and from school with a drone.

Favourite food, fashion and beauty Instagrammers

15 of our favourite beauty, fashion and food accounts to follow on Instagram

Sometimes you need inspiration, sometimes you need hot tips – and sometimes you just want to gaze at impossibly beautiful photographs of sunsets, lipsticks, full skirts and flat whites while you’re standing in someone’s armpit on the bus. So we’ve rounded up our favourite fashion, beauty and food Instagrammers to give your feed a spring boost. Flex that scrolling thumb and enjoy.

OPINION: Worst election leaflet ever? UKIP supporters can’t even write in English

In the Somerset town of Frome, UKIP are so busy electioneering and saving us all from immigration that they've forgotten to master spellcheck, let alone the basics of the English language. This UKIP leaflet, diligently subedited by an English teacher, contains many dubious promises: But there's one thing in the leaflet I'm actually on board with: UKIP promise to 'take back control of…

David Bowie is about to make you feel inadequate

...and we're not talking about his impressive crotch-bulge in Labyrinth. A new site by Duy Nguyen and Joakim T has sprung up to remind you that David Bowie is basically a superhero, and that whatever you're doing with your life, he'd already done something better. In my case: As Neil Buchanan would say: try it yourself.…

Dragon-egg clutch bags for the Khaleesi in your life

One of the hardest parts about putting a costume together is what bag you're going to take with you. After all, you still need your keys, phone, wallet and all the other detritus we all carry on a night out, but cosplay-appropriate clutch bags are few and far between. Until now. Etsy seller PrissyKittyDesigns sells…

WATCH: TfL’s powerful new video about sexual harassment on public transport

Transport for London, the British Transport Police and the Mayor of London today this week unveiled a compelling new video about sexual harassment on public transport, featuring the disheartening statistic that 90% of incidents go unreported. Trigger warning: sexual assault and harassment The video shows increasing levels of harassment on a tube journey, and asks at each…