15 of our favourite beauty, fashion and food accounts to follow on Instagram

If a picture says a thousand words, these top-quality Instagrammers can talk for Britain. Follow away…

Sometimes you need inspiration, sometimes you need hot tips – and sometimes you just want to gaze at impossibly beautiful photographs of sunsets, lipsticks, full skirts and flat whites while you’re standing in someone’s armpit on the bus.

So we’ve rounded up our favourite fashion, beauty and food Instagrammers to give your feed a spring boost. Flex that scrolling thumb and enjoy.


Martha Ward Instagram

Martha Ward – @marthaward

Playful, witty and ridiculously pretty, fashion editor and stylist Martha Ward’s feed is a pastel daydream of beautiful outfits, people and places. She has a great eye for detail, dreamy filters and the very best accessories: dogs.


Alexa Chung Instagram

Alexa Chung – @chungalexa

Everyone’s favourite cheekbone ambassador and bedhead muse, Alexa’s come a long way since her T4 days. Follow her for a feed that’s funny and (almost) too cool for Insta-school, with fewer selfies and more fashion inspiration than you might expect.

Pandora Sykes Instagram

Pandora Sykes – @pinsykes

The Sunday Times Style’s fashion features editor has more personal style in her pinky toe than most of us do in our whole beings. As the magazine’s Wardrobe Mistress she’s a living lesson in how to wear the trickiest trends, from culottes and fringed suede to Cookie Monster fur and ankle-swinging denim. Oh, and she just got engaged. Fingers crossed for an Insta-wedding.


Suzy Menkes Instagram

Suzy Menkes – @suzymenkesvogue

British Vogue’s International Editor and legendary fashion commentator, Suzy has an phone book of dreams and a perpetual seat in the f’row. Her feed is also refreshingly unfiltered – she just lets the clothes shine, dahling.


Poppy Delevingne Instagram

Poppy Delevingne – @poppydelevingne

The discerning woman’s Delevingne (sorry Cara), Poppy’s feed is all immaculate, glossy-haired perfection and outfits you’d climb over your Nan to steal. By rights it ought to be nauseating… and yet we can’t stop scrolling.




Charlotte Tilbury Instagram

Charlotte Tilbury – @ctilburymakeup

We don’t know whether it’s her awesome skill with an eyeshadow palette, her starry array of mates or her uncanny ability to look exactly the same in every single photo ever taken of her, but we love Charlotte Tilbury and we love, love her Instagram feed. Follow for kitsch beauty icons, backstage secrets, huge hair and the best flicky eyeliner in the business.



Sali Hughes Instagram

Sali Hughes – @salihughesbeauty

The Guardian’s beauty editor and author of Pretty Honest, straight-talking Sali knows exactly which products you should be putting on your face, and which aren’t worth your hard-earned pennies. Expect new launches, debates on contouring and #PackagingBoners aplenty.


I Covet Thee Instagram

Alix – @icovetthee

Brit beauty blogger Alix has the kind of serene, whitewashed feed that Insta-dreams are made of. She’s especially great for high street buys, bonus food shots and photography that even manages to make Guildford look glamorous.


Sam Chapman Instagram

Sam Chapman – @pixiwoos 

One half of the formidable Pixiwoo sisters and mentor to the likes of Tanya Burr, Sam is a celeb makeup artist for the vlogger generation. Full of experimental beauty looks and product tip-offs, her feed is reassuringly accessible for those of us who can barely wield a crease brush. Face goals.


Ruth Crilly Instagram

Ruth Crilly – @modelrecommends

One of the biggest players on the UK beauty vlogging scene, ‘veteran’ model Ruth Crilly is a refreshingly honest alternative to the ultra-glossed youngsters filling up most of our feeds. She’s trustworthy to a T, always ahead of the latest launches and has a gorgeous line in maternity outfits going right now too.



The Feed Feed Instagram

The Feed Feed – @thefeedfeed

If ‘food porn’ was still a thing that sensible people said, The Feed Feed would be its biggest, filthiest star. As it is, we’ll stick to ‘inspiration’ – it’s a collaborative social media platform where users upload the kind of vibrant, next-level food photography that will have you drooling all over your phone. We came for the chocolate olive oil salted peanut butter cupcakes, and stayed for everything else.


Gizzi Erskine Instagram

Gizzi Erskine – @gizzierskine

With her enviable vintage wardrobe, trademark beehive and two of the most heart-meltingly fluffy cats the internet has ever seen, Gizzi is an A+ Instagrammer even before you factor in the food. And oh boy, the food. When she’s not cooking all over the world, the chef and food writer is eating at every restaurant we’ve ever wanted to. Twice.


Shelina Permalloo Instagram

Shelina Permalloo – @shelinacooks

The Masterchef winner has cornered the market in sunny, cheerful food inspired by her Mauritian heritage. Expect a serious hankering for ginger, lemongrass and chilli.


Elly Curshen Instagram

Elly Curshen – @ellypear

Bristol-based chef and owner of The Pear Cafe, Elly’s feed is full of delicious food and lifestyle shots, but it’s her incredible 5:2 fast day recipes that we especially love. The woman is a wizard with vegetables, turning a measly 500 calories into platefuls to set even non-dieters’ stomachs rumbling.


Top With Cinnamon Instagram

Izy Hossack – @topwithcinnamon

Once you get past the seething jealousy that she’s only 19, Izy Hossack’s Top With Cinnamon blog is as useful, versatile and failsafe-delicious as its spicy namesake. We love her for her wooden spoon obsession, her bounty of gluten-free and vegan recipes, and the fact she recommended crushing a Magnum inside a crepe for Pancake Day. No really.

Lauren Bravo