Mum sends insanely demanding birthday list for her son

Not long after this outrageous letter from a woman’s ‘friends’ demanding she stop posting her child on Facebook, this unbelievably demanding birthday list email surfaced on Reddit:


Reddit user Razz32‘s work colleague received it from a family with a “very significant income” – not that it’d be any less rude if they weren’t well off. It just adds insult to injury.

Our favourite parts of the email:

  • The bit that demands a specific water table “because of how it drains.” That’s not suggesting a present your child would like, that’s going shopping with someone else’s money.
  • “Always be sure to include a receipt going forward” (As if “going forward” in a non-work email isn’t bad enough…) because “When we return items without receipts, we only get about 50% of the value, so it is like throwing away money if you don’t include a receipt with the gifts.” I’d venture to say that buying presents for this family at all is throwing your money away, because they’re unashamedly going right back to the shop – ostensibly so the family can buy formula – which begs the question, how old even is this child with his 57 books?
  • No personalised items because “clothing with names is the #1 thing that leads to kidnapping.”

Long live the internet, and the endless parade of other people’s rudeness to keep us distracted from our own lives.

Holly Brockwell

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