Of course Beyonce’s Apple Watch is way fancier than anyone else’s

To the surprise of literally no one ever, Beyonce has been sporting a fancy new edition of the Apple Watch that you can’t buy – even if you wanted to throw your cash to the wind and channel your inner Queen Bey.

According to Mashable, an Apple fan over at MacRumor’s Forum spotted Beyonce’s special, super gold bling in a number of photos that were published to her official website yesterday.

Now there is an 18-carat yellow gold edition of the watch available from the Apple website with a leather band and gold fixtures for £13,500, but it’s clear Beyonce’s version also has a gold strap to boot. And we would expect nothing less.

It’s clear B is the latest in a string of celebrities to be given special editions of the highly-anticipated wearable in a pretty extravagant exercise in product placement. In fact it looks as if her version might be the same as the one Karl Lagerfeld was seen sporting.

So the big question on everyone’s lips now is… Do you think seeing Beyonce with a shiny, gold Apple Watch will make her hoards of fans more likely to buy one for themselves? We have to answer with a resounding HELL YEAH.

Image via Beyonce.com.

Becca Caddy