10 hilarious Tumblrs to follow part two: House of Carbs, London Grumblr

6. London Grumblr

London Grumblr

An oldie but always a goodie, London Grumblr manages to express our every emotion in glorious gif form. Particularly strong on: tube etiquette, hangovers, Fridays.


7. Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos

Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos

Just in case you weren’t depressed enough about the state of the property market. Oh, you were? Too late.


8. Telegrams from Downton

Telegrams from Downton

There is hardly any TV/Texts From Last Night mash-up that doesn’t work gloriously, but the Downton spin is especially good. ‘You NEED a cockblock sometimes,’ Lord Grantham.


9. David CanRun

David Wham-eron

Because all you REALLY need to know before this election is how many punny variations on the Prime Minister’s name can be Photoshopped into existence. David Spameron. Gravied Cameron. David Cameroon. Turns out: LOTS.


10. Jeans and Sheuxsss

Jeans and Sheux Tumblr

At the more philanthropic end of Tumblr, Jeans and Sheuxsss is doing tireless work in raising people’s awareness of this important issue. How long will it take before men stop wearing bad jeans with smart shoes? Together, we can beat this.

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Lauren Bravo