Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Living in the 21st century is not the easiest of things to do. Despite technological development and changes in people’s looks, the pace of life has increased so much that it is sometimes very difficult to keep up with it. People have became too busy not only for each other but for themselves as well.

Certain standards have changed completely and everything is much more complicated than it used to be especially for the older generations. Almost everything that they knew and that they considered as a rule and part of their moral code has changed. 

Even the gap between generations has decreased to 4 years from 5 years. And as the generation gap decreases, the differences increase. Standards for many things have changed, not only physically, but from a moral point of view as well.

In the article, we will be talking about how to maintain mental health in this messy and crazy life while still having time for yourself. We will try to address the most trendy questions and topics, which include beauty standards, physical health, mental stability as well as some of the various forms of entertainment. Moreover, as one of the experts from Casino online Australia has mentioned, gambling remains popular across different age categories and we will be addressing that subject as well.

Beauty and The Beast

There is an alternative story to Beauty and the Beast, which is more of an allegory rather than the fairytale. The idea behind might be simple, though it is very suitable for the modern world.

Nowadays we have a lot of sources and it’s much easier to influence a specific group of people. Ideas of the ideal body and generally beauty keep spreading like lightning on the skyline thanks to the internet. However, many people pay the idea of the ideal look too much attention. In order to comply with the beauty standards, which have been set by no one but us ourselves, people – and especially teenagers sometimes – sacrifice their physical and mental health.

Victoria’s Secret Angels are the role models for many girls. Of course, there is no doubt about their great looks, though beauty is a very subjective topic. Many teenage girls try to look like models and invent different diets and take useless pills. There are even cases when the diets lead to anorexia or bulimia, which is a very worrying condition, especially in the teenage years when the body is still growing and needs nutrition and a healthy lifestyle in order to be healthy.

Those set standards are very harmful to people who can not always distinguish what is healthy. Despite that, there have been many campaigns in the past, with the younger generation encouraged to have a healthy lifestyle rather than looking after someone. There are still many cases of body shaming, which is very demotivating and makes youngsters think of any additional tools in order to have the perfect look.

The allegory that we have mentioned in the beginning is exactly the beauty of the standard and the outer beauty, as everybody is beautiful in an individual way. The best is always unsatisfied with what he has, it always wants more and more, it wants something that we know that others will admire and we want to be liked and attractive to others. Beast is someone who keeps eating us from the inside, pushing to the limits that do not exist, but we have invented for ourselves.

This state is horrifying as it destroys mental health and often leads to depression. Depression is a severe state, which needs to be taken proper and right care of. Unfortunately, it can not be helped until a person wants to get help

The most important fact that we all need to acknowledge is that there will never be harmony until the beauty and the beast fall in love with each other, meaning that we should love ourselves first the way we are, in order to be loved and be attractive to others.

Health is a State

Our health is part of our beauty. When we are fit we feel more energetic and a lot more healthy. Unfortunately, having a healthy lifestyle has become a luxury in the modern world because with our modern lives it is very difficult to stay healthy. By saying that we mean we should eat proper food, as well as exercise and not have sedentary work all the time. Having proper sleep and relaxation time is important too.

Many celebrities have been good role models for the younger generations in terms of having a healthy lifestyle. Katy Perry, Gwyneth Paltrow, Adam Levine, and some more who have their own campaigns for the encouragement of a healthy lifestyle. They exercise even on the busiest days and try to eat healthy food, which contains enough nutrition to keep them hydrated and energetic. Like them, in order to maintain your mental stability and remain calm even in the most stressful moments, which we have plenty daily, you need to take into consideration some of the things you have to do.

  • Stay hydrated. Water is an essential part of your body which means that you have to maintain it to an average level. Almost all jobs nowadays involve sitting in from of the computer or having our smartphones in hand, which requires some energy and it hurts our eyes as well as increases tension. In order to keep hyped drink up to 2 liters of water daily, not coffee, which is very bad for your stomach and neural system, but pure water.
  • Try to move around. If you have sedentary work, stand up several times. Set an alarm on your phone, which will remind you to stand up and do some exercises as simple as stretching out. It especially helps when you already feel sleepy. If you can afford a gym membership, then try to visit it at least three times a week.
  • Try to consume vitamins that can be found in fruits and vegetables. Eat bananas and citruses, carrots and other vegetables which are rich in vitamins and nutrition.
  • Avoid Fast Food Restaurants. Junk food is not good for your health and it is very heavy as well, which means that it will be difficult for you to stay energetic throughout the day.
  • Avoid consuming too much alcohol, as it is harmful not only for your physical health but for your mental health as well. If you do so, make sure you know your dosage and don’t drink too much.
  • Be aware of your mental state. When you don’t challenge yourself you find yourself stagnating. And when your mental health takes a dip this is when you find yourself relying on crutches like alcohol which can spiral into addictive behaviours. It’s important to check in with yourself from time to time just to make sure you are are not showing the signs of poor mental health or addiction. Places like Serenity Addiction Centres have many resources so you can see if you need additional help, and you can click here to see their addiction blog
  • Finally, if you are a smoker, give it up! There is no need for additional chances of getting cancer, when we already have a very polluted environment.

If you follow all of the advice for a healthy lifestyle most probably you are going to feel fit as well as energetic and motivated. Motivation helps you to keep your mental health stable as well.

Virtual World

With the development of new technologies and easy access to the internet, many youngsters become involved in online games and gambling. This is both good and bad. Games help to evolve the strategic skills as well as to concentrate on things, though an online gambling for youngsters can result in losing a lot of money and then having unstable mental health due to stress caused from losing money. Despite acknowledging that fact, for some young and middle-aged people playing might be a way of escaping the real world and the stress caused.

There are many forms of entertainment and it is always good to relax unless it gives you more stress. Modern life is sometimes difficult to take as we tackle many complications, which never disappear on their own.

Whenever you are having a hard time, just remember to take a day off from your work and go somewhere natural. That’s always the answer. Have time for yourself. Once you have everything put on the shelves in your mind, you will be able to do so with your job as well. Shine Bright Like A Diamond, because you are one!