To Be Or Not To Be On Halloween? – That is the question

Halloween has become a popular cultural event throughout the world over the last few years. Halloween celebrations date back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. In the eighth century, Pope Gregory III designated November 1st as a time to honor all saints. Soon after All Saints Day began to incorporate some of the traditions of Samhain and the day we now know as Halloween (or All Hallow’s or All Saint’s Eve) was born.

People in almost every country celebrate Halloween on the night of the 31st of October. Many movies and TV shows are dedicated to Halloween celebrations, some very scary but some very funny too. People of all ages dress up in different kinds of costumes, children go door by door and ask for trick or treat while houses, gardens and indoors are decorated with thematic decorations. Costumes can be very different with some representing certain characters from the movies or cartoons. 

The Look

Make It Fancy

As well as scary costumes or animal costumes, people often decide to choose a luxurious outfit instead. This can be anything that contains sparkles and luxury elements. Costumes are often inspired by places or something as simple as the Pinterest picture or the interior of certain buildings. A simple example is a casino. Casinos are mostly high-quality places with luxury interiors. This is due to the fact that people go there to spend money and consequently expect place to be worth going to.

Dressing up for the casino has become so popular that even online casino experts from CasinoPå have made comments about it. The inspiration can be taken from similar places, The Kurhaus of Baden-Baden Casino or The Bellagio Hotel. These are the most luxurious and expensive places. Consequently if you want to have a luxury Halloween costume why not get some inspiration from the chandelier or the poker table?

Make It Scary

If you want to embody the true spirit of Halloween the scary costume is usually the one of choice. These costumes vary enormously, starting from the animal and ending with a movie character or proper makeup.

Have you ever seen the movie Nightmare on Elm Street and if so do you remember the character of Freddy Kruger? Even if you haven’t see the movie then you probably still know the character, as Freddy was the key figure of Halloween costumes for quite a long time. Not only Freddy but also the Saw. These two costumes never go out of trend.

Talking about scary costumes, why not Google the character you want to represent Halloween in order to get a general idea, rather than spending time going to various stores. Then buy some paints and accessories which will help you to fulfil the look. After that, you can always watch a Youtube tutorial and make it work or if you are a lucky person and painting or sewing are your strong points, why not use your skills and make the costume and the whole look yourself!

For the trendy costumes, make sure to check the upcoming movies or movies that have already been released. Choose a character and make yourself comfortable with it. This year the prediction with the costume goes with the Joker character, though we still have some time left until the end of October.

Make It Fun

If you are not into horror movies and generally don’t get the idea of having scary costumes for the celebration, then simply make it fun. There are plenty of characters that can be used as an inspiration.

Celebrities usually make it work the best. You can check their costumes and make something similar to that. One trendy costume is The Queen of Hearts. It has everything in one – a book character, a movie character as well as a cartoon. The general idea is to have hearts all over and look like the queen from Alice in Wonderland. You have plenty of room for including imagination and make amendments to suit your own taste. No one ever tells you that something must be one way or another. The variation is all up to you.

A good choice is to go as a cartoon character. They are usually quite fun as well as easily editable. For example, the Minion costumes look fun on adults as well as kids. Plus minions are lovely and simple. It can be as simple as painting yourself in yellow or purple and wearing blue trousers.

To make it fun you can even be a clown. Plus clowns are scary for some people, so you can be two in one! There is always the option of having a couple of costumes. If you decided to go to a Halloween party with your partner, then you can be a sandwich or a toothpaste with a toothbrush. Make it look interesting so that you and the audience both can enjoy your choice.Consider Kids

Consider Kids

Inevitably kids are the ones who enjoy the Halloween celebrations the most. They adore costumes and even if they are very simple they can make it look legit for Halloween. If you want to make it all about family, you can choose any movie or cartoon with the family member’s character, such as The Incredibles. Or you can have your kids dressed like pets. It will be fun I promise. Give them a lot of candy so that they can share with others and have themselves a nice trick or treat games.

While talking about costumes, celebrities usually choose something that you can definitely use yourself as well. For example, the whole Kardashian Family decided to be Victoria’s Secret Angels. It is not that you can rent the costumes, as they seem to be extremely expensive, though you can cut out, make yourself or even buy wings and pretend to be one of the models.

Alternatively you can take a leaf out of my friend’s book who decided to enjoy the  Halloween celebrations as a tree. Because it is Halloween there is literally nothing you can not be. 




Chris Price