Transform your health in one month flat with 10 simple adjustments

Want to become healthier and happier in one month flat? Of course you do!   

Here are ten simple suggestions that can bring quick results and set you on the pathway to a better future. Incorporate them into your life over the next few weeks, and you’ll never look back.

#1. Take a detox

For long-term health, it’s imperative that you find a sense of sustainability. However, the beginning of a new health kick is the perfect time to give yourself a boost. A detox is the ideal solution, but only if you choose the right platform.

Some detoxes, especially diet ones, are fairly futile as the rewards don’t last. Lifestyle Cleanse explains the benefits of cleanse days instead. When used well, this can be the key to getting your digestion, general wellbeing, and body size back under control.

It’s true that you’ll need to follow this up with healthy habits for the long haul. Still, seeing and feeling those immediate benefits should give you the motivation to keep things going in the right direction. Conversely, a lack of results through other methods could see you give up.  

#2. Increase your water intake

Nutrition is a vital foundation for healthy living, and not only because it impacts your body image. The right foods aid your digestive system, energy levels, and appearance in one fell swoop. There are many issues to consider, including food intolerances, but increased water consumption is vital.

Good hydration via an increased water intake will boost your metabolism, create clearer skin, and aid healthy organs. Whether you install a water filter tap, a soda stream, or find another route doesn’t matter. Once you get into the habit, you’ll wonder how you survived without it before.

Not every drink has to be a glass of water. Green tea or a cup of coffee can be beneficial while there’s nothing wrong with having a treat either. Still, cutting down on alcohol and colas will undoubtedly aid your bid for a better body and general wellbeing.

#3. Start yoga

Everyone should appreciate the importance of a little exercise. However, it’s not all about the physical benefits. The release of endorphins is excellent for your mental state. This, along with a variety of other mental health rewards, makes yoga the perfect exercise to embrace.

The benefits of yoga include increased flexibility, circulatory health, and muscle tone. It also gives you a fantastic chance to forget about the stresses of modern life and regain control and relaxation. Do You Yoga shows the best ways to get started. After a few weeks, you’ll be loving it.

Another great thing about yoga is that you can incorporate it into your life even if other life commitments stop you from hitting the gym. After all, you can do it at home with a mat and just a few minutes to spare. You can even do it while dinner cooks or the laundry cycle spins.

#4. Join a competitive activity

The light, low-impact exercise of yoga is great. Still, there’s every reason to continue other daily exercises. They’ll help you maintain a better body image, increased mental health, and improved core strength. To truly unlock the full potential of exercise, however, you need to make it fun.

Give those activities a competitive edge, and you will see vast improvements. Joining a local amateur sports team is a great way to inject a social vibe too. Alternatively, signing up for a 10km fun run and training with friends can tick this box while giving you a chance to raise charity funds.

When exercise is fun and competitive, you’ll be far more likely to keep it up. Without those factors, you could quickly lose the motivation, which will lead to regressions. Transform your approach to exercise in this manner, and you’ll be on the road to success well within the month.

#5. Embrace better sleeping habits

Many upgrades can be made to improve the way you live your life during the day. In truth, though, the most important improvement revolves around your sleep. Insomnia and disrupted sleep patterns will undo a lot of the work you’ve achieved elsewhere. You do not want this to be a problem.

Finding a suitable mattress is the most crucial aspect by far. Nonetheless, you can enhance your hopes of reaching the REM stage even further with a host of gadgets designed to promote good rest. Likewise, the HVAC facilities and thick bedroom drapes can have a hugely positive impact.

A good night’s rest will boost your appearance, energy levels, and general outlook on life. Within a few days of accomplishing this goal, the impacts on your world will feel huge. Frankly, it can be the foundations of a far happier existence.

#6. Focus on the home   

When aiming to transform your health and happiness for the better, it’s natural to think about internal changes. Nonetheless, your surroundings can be equally significant. Given that you spend more time in the home than anywhere else, attending to this area is vital.  

The relationship between the home environment and your health is evident in various ways. Perhaps the most crucial thing to consider, though, is the spreading of germs. Reducing the threat of common illnesses can only be a positive factor, and a clean home will allow you to do this well.

A minimalist design combined with robotic vacuum cleaners and other cleaning materials will help greatly. Remember to stay vigilant to signs of damp and other potentially damaging aspects. It’ll improve the home and your health at the same time. What more incentive could you need?   

 #7. Quit bad habits

Focusing on the positive additions that can be made is wonderful. But you shouldn’t forget that the best improvements are often made by removing negative elements from your life. Use the month ahead to rid yourself of those harmful habits and noticeable changes will quickly appear.

Smoking is the most likely issues that you’ll want to tackle. The Breazy guide on what to expect when changing from cigarettes to vaping will give you a solid foundation to work from. Even if you require support, taking it one day at a time will soon turn into weeks and months.

Aside from smoking, you may wish to think about cutting down on alcohol, junk foods, or daily habits that are slowly but surely harming your health. Even if it’s not removing bad habits altogether, addressing them in a positive manner will make a difference to your world.

 #8. Make an effort to eat breakfast

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but millions still skip it or choose the wrong foods. As far as the rest of your nutrition is concerned, finding the meals and routines that work best is a responsibility that you need to embrace. Breakfast is a little different.

As already mentioned, a glass of water can kick your metabolism into life. Meanwhile, you want to enjoy a mixture of slow releasing energy, carbs and proteins. The Greatist has produced a guide to various simple yet healthy breakfast ideas. Find the ideas you love, and you won’t go wrong.

Even if you’re not too fussed about your size or body image, getting breakfast right is essential. Once you embrace the habit, it’s likely to stay for life. Use the next four weeks to your advantage, and it could be the start of something very rewarding.

#9. Change your beauty rituals

As far as your physical appearance and skin health are concerned, the products you used each day can be telling. The right choices here cause far less damage to the skin, and can even promote active improvements. In addition to the immediate rewards, this can protect you in later life.

Your skin type should have a huge influence on the moisturisers and creams used to promote glowing skin. Likewise, shampoos with natural ingredients can be far better for your hair. Ensure that your vanity cupboard is packed with the right products, and results will soon show.  

The commitment shouldn’t end here, though. Using clean brushes is equally significant if you wish to see the best results. Finally, it’s vital that you remove makeup at nighttime as it’ll give the skin a chance to breathe. Ignoring this factor could spell a skin care disaster.

#10. Reconnect with people

Internal adjustments can make you a healthier and happier person. However, life can be a very lonely and unhappy place without the support of a positive network around you. It’s easy to become distracted by outside elements, but the simple joy of spending time with loved ones is pivotal.

Making time for friends and family needn’t be the difficult challenge you perceive it to be. A garden party or a weekend trip to a local attraction can be just as lovely as expensive events. Meanwhile, modern tech allows you to stay in touch even when you’re separated by long distances.

The impacts on an emotional level are simply incredible. Besides, if you can travel along the life journey with a smile, nothing else matters. If there’s only one change that should be incorporated over the next month, this is the clear winner.   


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