Tips on Downloading Your Favorite YouTube Videos For Free

It’s easy to get lost in the world of YouTube. One video turns into two and before you realize, several hours have passed. Of late, downloading YouTube videos has become easy due to the different apps available on the internet.

Various apps possess different features to suit diverse needs of the users. Below is a list of useful tips you should consider when selecting the best YouTube downloader apps.

Presence of Ads

There is nothing more annoying than pop-up ads showing when watching a video whether that’s at the beginning or middle of the video. With the hype surrounding online marketing and competition for free space, online ads have sneaked their way into YouTube videos.

They unceremoniously pop-up and interrupt the downloading process. You should be on the look-out for downloading applications that entertain these ads and avoid downloading them. You can read the app user reviews and product description to determine if the app has ads or not. Another reason to avoid apps with ads is the ability to contain malware.

Length of Video

Most video downloader apps don’t allow users to download videos that are more than one hour so you should search for one that does not limit the duration of the download. Check the product description segment of the app for this information. If the length of time is not limited, it’s worth trying out the app.

Batch Video Download

If satisfied with the above two points, you should check whether it’s possible to download videos in batches. A downloader that allows you to only download one video at a time is very time-consuming largely because of the repetitive nature of copying and pasting. Imagine how long it can take to download a full 24 episode TV series season by copying and pasting the video URL for every episode!

Supported Video Format

Different YouTube downloader videos support various video formats. You should check whether your device endorses these formats. Concerning ultra-quality, some YouTube downloader video apps don’t support HD video downloading which might be a deal breaker for a user. Check the description of the app to determine whether HD downloading is supported.

Downloading File Size

If you are satisfied with the above, check whether there is a limit on the size of the file you are downloading. You should look at the product description for this information. You should also check the user reviews to see if the performance levels are affected by massive downloads in order to make an informed decision.

In-App Purchases

This tip is very crucial. There are YouTube video downloader apps that claim to be free but limit functions unless you pay for additional features through the app. Most YouTube downloader apps are coy when it comes to providing this information, but you can easily check the user reviews for complaints. It’s advised to avoid such apps.

Providing the Apps with your Personal Information

Some pop-up ads will ask you for personal information and store the details in the primary app server. Doing this is not encouraged as it can be malware.

Supported Sites

It’s not just YouTube that you can download videos from but other sites as well. The YouTube downloader video’s product description should indicate whether this is possible. Being able to download from multiple sites is obviously an added advantage to the user.

Speed and Quality

Every YouTube downloader app has a star rating based on the specific matrix. If you click here you can see a YouTube downloader video app that boasts different features, for example downloading 4k displays parental control, among others.

In conclusion, you should be patient on download times as internet speeds fluctuate. Please remember that downloading some files from YouTube is a breach of Intellectual Property Laws and on downloading content YouTube stores an IP address in case of copyright infringement. So beware!



Chris Price