10 entertaining apps for when you’re bored

Remember when you were younger and got SO bored sometimes but your parents didn’t seem to care and you didn’t even have the internet? Yeah, those days are over. These days we can always find something to entertain us, the challenge is choosing the right thing. That’s where our list comes in. Here you’ll find 10 entertaining apps for when you’re bored, whether you’re in the mood to read, listen, draw, or enact bloody vengeance. Enjoy!


Interesting apps for when you're bored: The Guardian.

The Guardian

You’ve probably heard of the site (or paper) but the app gives you an even better reading experience as you can organise it by your favourite sections and writers, save content for later, get breaking news alerts, and read offline.

It’s free to download for Android and iOS,with the option to upgrade for £2.49 for access to crosswords, extra content, and an ad-free experience.


Interesting apps for when you're bored: SimCity Build It.

SimCity Build It

In this new twist on the classic game, specifically designed for mobile, you’re mayor of a shiny new city – as soon as you build it. You’ll have to solve real life issues, from pollution to entertaining your citizens, and can trade resources with other cities and even unlock real life landmarks like Big Ben and The Arc de Triomphe.

It’s free for Android and iOS with in-app purchases available.


Interesting apps for when you're bored: This American Life.

This American Life

If you’ve ever heard the radio show (or podcast), you’ll know This American Life broadcasts fascinating true life stories, from the hilarious to the heart-breaking, on pretty much every topic you can think of.

Whereas the podcast feed only has the most recent episode, the app lets you take a deep dive into twenty years of archives and download up to five eps at a time to listen to offline. You won’t regret it.

It’s £1.78 for Android and £2.29 for iOS.


Interesting apps for when you're bored: Duolingo.


Duolingo makes it fun to learn a new language, a bit at a time (and it’s apparently more effective than university courses). Choose from Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Irish, Danish, or Swedish, and let that a cute little owl cheer you to proficiency. J’adore.

It’s free to download for iOS, Android, and even Windows Phone.


Interesting apps for when you're bored: Drawing Desk.

Drawing Desk: Draw Paint Sketch

This arty app should bring out the Picasso in you. Use it to create a new digital masterpiece using virtual pens, pencils, or paint.. You can also import photos and add stickers, stamps, and other effects before sharing on social media with one tap.

It’s free, with optional in-app purchases for more effects, and is available (free) for Android and iOS.

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Diane Shipley