Can You Play Video Games On Mobile Phones?

Over the last decade, smartphone devices have become an everyday part of life, allowing you to contact friends and family and handle various aspects of your day-to-day life. They also keep you entertained by allowing you to play various games, including modern-day video games. A Look Back At Mobile Games When smartphones first launched back…

5 surprising ways to lower your stress levels

A modern person’s life can be very stressful. There are always a number of things that are weighing on our minds that we simply cannot get rid of until we deal with the issues. Unfortunately, some of those issues that cause us so much stress are not 1-day fixes and could take weeks or months…
Interesting apps for when you're bored: Happify.

10 entertaining apps for when you’re bored: part two

Scrabble It’s a classic for a reason: because it’s fun! (Geeky fun, yes, but isn’t that the best kind?) You can play against strangers or your friends, but we reckon it’s more fun to try to beat the computer – which also means you can take as long as you like between turns with no…
10 Interesting apps for when you're bored.

10 entertaining apps for when you’re bored

Remember when you were younger and got SO bored sometimes but your parents didn’t seem to care and you didn’t even have the internet? Yeah, those days are over. These days we can always find something to entertain us, the challenge is choosing the right thing. That’s where our list comes in.