How to get natural-looking eyebrows: 5 definitive YouTube brow tutorials


What the pluck? Let these pencil-perfect YouTubers demystify your brows…

Eyebrows have gone berserk over the past few years. And while the craze for Cara-inspired caterpillars is cooling off, there’s still a huge demand for fuller, shapelier brows – and just as much mystery around how you actually achieve them. So we found five of the best YouTube tutorials to boost every type of brow.


Best if you’ve got a lot to work with: Stephanie Ledda’s How To: Beautiful Brows

For those of you blessed with actual hair where your brows should be, it’s just a case of grooming, defining and filling in any bald patches. Stephanie’s tips for medium-dark arches will help you avoid looking boxy, scary or angry and raise your brow game big time.


Best for half brows: Desi Perkins’ Eyebrow Tutorial

Just because your brow hair disappears into nowhere, it doesn’t mean your brow dreams need to too. Desi Perkins admits her brow game ‘isn’t strong’, but her skillful artistry with an angle brush will give hope to owners of half-brows everywhere.


Best for virgin brows: Zukreat’s Best Eyebrow Tutorial

Apparently the best eyebrow tutorial on YouTube, Brit beauty vlogger Zukreat goes right back to basics with help on shaping, waxing, tweezing and filling your brows – perfect for nervous first-time pluckers.


Best for faking a natural look: Pixiwoo’s How To Fill In Eyebrows

Using the hallowed Dip Brow by Anastasia Beverley Hills, Sam Chapman’s tutorial is an answer to the prayers of anyone who has ever run screaming from an eyebrow kit. Light, feathery and genuinely natural-looking.


Best for skinny brows: Shonagh Scott’s 3 Ways To Fill In Your Eyebrows

Shonagh Scott is waging war on last year’s painted-on ‘Scouse Brow’, armed with three tools for three different looks. Good and slow, her sensible advice will turn sparse, under-nourished brows into face furniture to be proud of.

Main image: via Desi Perkins on YouTube


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