Samsung Galaxy v Apple iPhone: Apple hits back at Samsung’s superior digital picture claims

Seems like Apple isn’t taking the insults lying down. It has hit back at claims from Samsung that its latest Galaxy models, the S6 and S6 Edge, offer superior picture quality to the iPhone 6 by updating the Apple home page with an iPhone gallery.

Clearly Apple boss Tim Cook was less than impressed by the claims made by Samsung that the new Galaxy products boast better picture quality than the iPhone as well as better video quality and much faster charging.

Yesterday saw Apple’s entire home page redesigned to incorporate the gallery with Mashable claiming this is just part of a much bigger campaign against the Korean company’s claims. It says the #ShotOniPhone campaign is a huge marketing push including print, online media and social networks.

The scope of the campaign makes the jabs in Samsung’s keynote, which criticised the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus camera’s quality (see pic below), seem fairly tame in comparison.


Meanwhile Apple, which studiously avoids the industry trade fairs, such as CES in Las Vegas and MWC in Barcelona which are obviously just for the hoi polloi, is expected to launch the Apple Watch at an event on March 9th – itself deliberately announced two days before MWC kicked off. See details here.

The last week has also seen the arrival of the first ads and advertorials for the Apple Watch, starting with the cover of Self, then as a chic ad insert in Vogue, followed by huge spread in The Sunday Times on March 1st – the same day as MWC got underway.

It really seems there is no love loss between the two companies – which can only be a good thing for the consumer if it means better products and possibly even lower prices.

As to which of the devices has the better picture quality, I’m guessing that argument will run and run. But I reckon as much will depend on the quality of the photographer taking the images as the number of megapixels each of the camera phones has!

Chris Price