Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge details, features, UK availability (April 10th), Vodafone and Three announce deals

So today Samsung unveiled not one, but two flagship phones in the guise of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. They are both ultra slim, stylish and packed to the gills with high end features. So what are the key upgrades and changes?

1. They are aluminium. Yes, Samsung has moved away (at last) from plastic and both models sport an aluminium and glass design. They are ultra tough too. The metal is apparently 50% stronger than other smartphones. The Galaxy S6 has Gorilla Glass 4, the toughest in the market.

2. The screen – Samsung has pegged the screen size at five inches and both models sport a 5.1-inch QHD AMOLED display, which is incredibly bright and vivid.

3. The Edge version has bonus displays – The Edge wraps the display around both sides of the body of the phone enabling users to see notifications like messages and calendar dates while they’re doing something else. Highly useful or a gimmick? The jury is out on this.

4. Cameras – The back facing camera is a top end 16-Megapixel one with optical image stabilisation built in. Meanwhile, the front sports a 5-Megapixel cam making it great for selfies.

5. Processors and OS- Both phones sport octa-core processors, with a huge 3GB of DD4 RAM. The devices include the latest Lollipop version of Android.

6. Battery life – Samsung claims that the battery life for the models sets new records. They include fast charging, wireless charging, and Samsung says you can watch two hours of HD footage from just ten minutes of charging.

7. Colours – the phone is available in gold, teal, white and black versions.

UK availability – Vodafone and Three have already confirmed that it will have the phones in the UK very soon. Others are sure to follow. The official launch date for the phone, including the UK, is April 10th.

Ashley Norris