Samsung Galaxy S6 launch live updates #MWC15

And on to today’s biggie – Samsung’s new flagship mobile the Galaxy S6.

We’re just getting the pre-product launch hype now from Samsung CEO JK Shin:

“Some companies have set themselves apart through design. Others through practicality. Customers want both”

“I may not be the best public speaker. That’s because my first language is engineering” – this got applause!

You get the picture. On to the mobiles…

There are two versions of the Galaxy S6, as predicted – normal and Edge variant, and, in something of a surprise, the Galaxy S6 Edge does indeed have curved edges on both sides.

Samsung is boasting: “Capabilities no other phone can match. But that’s not all. They also look really cool!”

We’ve been promised “the best display. The fastest processors. The best cameras under any conditions.”

And here comes the killer feature that the iPhone 6 can’t boast: “S6 and S6 Edge can charge wirelessly, it’s built right in”

So what colours are we going to get?

Gold, teal, white and black versions of the Galaxy S6 in Samsung’s promo video. The Teal version is rather lovely.

We’re now focusing on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, which is described as the first dual edged phone in the world. So why offer dual edges?

“The result of craftsmanship that only Samsung can achieve” – not sure the inevitable copycats will bear this out!

Now we’re getting on to the quality of the materials on the S6 and S6 edge, with a subtle but sly dig at Apple.

“The metal we use is 50% stronger than other smartphones – THIS PHONE WILL NOT BEND. The Galaxy S6 has Gorilla Glass 4, toughest in the market”

Here’s another neat feature:

“You can assign a colour for contacts – the S6 Edge screen will light up in that colour to tell you who’s calling”

Ok, on to the specs now…

The Galaxy S6 has a quad-HD Super AMOLED screen – 577 pixels per inch, while RAM in the Galaxy S6 is DDR4 – boosting running memory by more than 80%

We haven’t had a pop at Apple for a few minutes, oops spoke to soon:

Charging the Galaxy S6 from 0 to 100% takes HALF the time of the iPhone 6. Shots fired! It takes 10 minutes to charge the Galaxy S6 for four hours of everyday use.

On to the screen… Sounds mighty impressive.

The Galaxy S6 has a quad-HD Super AMOLED screen – 577 pixels per inch.

Cameras now and there’s good news for selfie fans as the S6 has a five mega pixel snapper on the front with HDR! Apparently the first time this has been featured on a front camera. They are banging on about it being the best front facing camera ever.

As for the rear…

Rear-facing camera on the Galaxy S6 is 16MP with optical image stabilisation – which they are demonstrating now in a less than effective way. The S6 camera is always on standby, which means it launches in less than a second. Just double click the home button.

Samsung Pay is next, and the big news is that they claim that you can pay with your #GalaxyS6 ANYWHERE that takes a normal debit/credit card. Samsung Pay can be used anywhere that accepts credit cards, debit cards or NFC!

On now to size -the phone is ultra thin – and security – it is ultra secure apparently.

Ashley Norris