Interview: Slava Rubin, CEO, on how Indiegogo helps $1m projects happen and women succeed

We caught up with Slava Rubin, CEO of Indiegogo, at the Jolla stand at Mobile World Congress. Slava tells us about how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign like Jolla and Bluesmart’s, how campaigns started by women often do better on Indiegogo than elsewhere, and how women are hired, promoted and respected internally at the organisation.

Watch the unedited interview here:

We also spoke to Diego Saez-Gil, CEO of Bluesmart, a smart luggage company whose remotely lockable, trackable travel bag is one of Indiegogo’s most successful campaigns. It’s raised over $2m – Diego explains why it’s been so popular:

And finally, a quick chat to Tim McDonald from Jolla. As we’ve reported previously on Shiny, the Jolla Tablet crowdfunding campaign raised more than a million dollars almost immediately. Tim tells us what drew them to Indiegogo:

Note: other crowdfunding platforms are available ;)

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Holly Brockwell