Jolla’s Sailfish tablet raises a million dollars in just 2 days

iOS, Android, Sailfish? Jolla’s operating system looks like a major contender in the mobile market now that the Jolla Tablet, dubbed “the world’s first crowdsourced tablet,” has exceeded $1million of crowdfunding in just two days on Indiegogo.

Even more impressively, Jolla’s original target for the campaign was $380,000, which it achieved in just two hours. Clearly, there’s a huge public appetite for this independently-produced, privacy-conscious product. Jolla’s Sailfish OS 2.0 is designed to be open-source and collaborative, having grown out of a Linux-based OS by Nokia known as MeeGo. A group of Nokia employees left to form Jolla, releasing a phone last year and now creating one of the fastest-funded Indiegogo campaigns we’ve seen.

Jolla, pronounced ‘yolla’ (they’re from Finland) are offering the tablet for just £133, which is incredible value given its promised specs. The comparison table on their Indiegogo page makes for impressive reading:


The only area that looks a little lacking is the battery, but it remains to be seen how Sailfish OS 2.0 handles power.

If you’re wondering whether the mobile market can sustain yet another software ecosystem, one of the key selling points of Sailfish is that it can run any Android app. Combine that with the price and levels of interest, and iOS and Android could be looking at a serious contender in a very short time indeed.

Holly Brockwell

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