Apple has an Apple Watch event set for 9th March

We’ve heard quite a lot about the Apple Watch, including a tentative release period, but no exact details regarding pricing and the release date. That’s about to change, because yesterday Apple sent out invites to a ‘Spring Forward’ event on 9th of March.

What exactly is going to be on show at the event is unclear at this point, especially given we’ve heard quite a lot about the Apple Watch already. Obviously Apple will be clarifying some of the rumours that have been popping up across the web, like battery life, but I can’t help think that there must be something else going on as well.

What that might be is totally unknown at this point. Rumours have suggested things like the large-screen iPad Pro and a new Macbook Air and on the way, but those are both devices that have been rumoured since before the launch of the iPhone 6. We might see something, or there’s a good chance that we won’t. We’ll just have to wait and see.

With MWC next week, and this event the week after, it’s an exciting time for wearables. It’s definitely going to be interesting what sort of change the Apple Watch makes to the status quo.

Tom Pritchard


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