The Apple Watch will arrive in April, according to Tim Cook

There has been much rumour and speculation about when the Apple Watch would make it’s way into the hands of the general populace, and now we have a definite answer. Tiim Cook has confirmed that the device will be  shipping in April.

This piece of information was revealed at Apple’s earnings call, where he revealed that 74.1 million iPhones have been sold, and gave us rough idea of when consumers will be able to  get their hands on Apple’s first wearable.

Previous rumours had suggested that the Apple Watch would launch in March, but considering Cook’s place as Apple CEO it’s more than safe to assume that he knows a heck of a lot more than the rumours mill. That being said it’s worth pointing out that he said the Apple Watch will ship in April, not launch. It could well be that Apple officially launches its smartwatch towards the end of March, ready for an April release.

At least now we don’t have long to wait before finding out whether those  rumours of s 2.5-hour battery life are true.

Tom Pritchard

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