Finally! We’ll get all the info on the Apple Watch this afternoon

Apple’s finally going to show off the Apple Watch at its Spring Forward event this afternoon. Obviously we got an initial look when it was announced last September, and have learned quite a bit about what it can do. We know it has fitness tracking functionality, lets you take phone calls if you have your iPhone nearby, can access Siri and work with Apple Pay, for starters.

But now we’ll get in-depth details of the device, including all the practical stuff: battery life, how many apps will be available, and of course, the price. The standard model will be selling for $349 (and probably a similar price in pounds), but there’s also the Apple Sport and the Apple Edition. The latter could cost anywhere from a grand to £8000, depending on which internet rumours you read.

It’s clear that the company is courting wealthy, fashion-conscious customers, with its exclusive showcase at Colette during Paris fashion week last year and a 12 page ad in the March issue of Vogue.

So far, the most popular smart watch has been the crowdfunded Pebble watch, which has sold 1 million. But Apple Watch sales are expected to smash that, with one analyst estimating sales of 10 million. It remains to be seen if orders hit that peak, but it’s probably fair to say the Apple store will be pretty popular as soon as the announcement is over.

The watch should be available in April, but if you want to see Tim Cook announce the exact date you can slip it onto your wrist and all the other pertinent details, check out the live stream from 5 pm UK time.

Image via Apple.

Diane Shipley