T-Mobile releases the first official image of the Samsung Galaxy S6

There’s been a huge amount of speculation about the Samsung Galaxy S6, including rumours that it’ll have an ‘Edge’ variant, like its sibling the Galaxy Note Edge.

Well, if T-Mobile USA’s email signup page is anything to go by, that’s spot on:

Samsung Galaxy S6

So what does this image tell us? Well, the Samsung Galaxy S6’s ‘Edge’ looks less pronounced than on the Galaxy Note Edge, which wraps all the way round: there’s still space for a power button on the right side. On The Note Edge, the power button had to be relocated to the top, rather than on the right-hand side like the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Alpha, because there just wasn’t room for it with the screen.

We can also see that Samsung’s trademark lozenge-shaped physical home key is still there, and we’d take a guess that that’s a polycarbonate back panel rather than metal, though it’s tricky to tell. As for whether there’ll be one Edge or the rumoured two, à la LG’s fabled double-curved phone, remains to be seen.

We’ll be at Mobile World Congress for Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked announcement to see what else the Samsung Galaxy S6 has to offer this Sunday, 1st March. See you there.

Source: AndroidCentral via Reddit

Holly Brockwell