Binger wants to find you love based on your Netflix use

Binger is a new dating app concept based around Netflix.

Sure, it’s nice going to fancy restaurants at the start of a relationship, but a few months in, all you want to do is slip into some yoga pants, snuggle on the sofa, and spend eight hours or so with your new favourite TV show. But what if the person you clicked so well with when you were in the outside world turns out to have an incompatible taste in TV and movies? That’d be a disaster. I mean, I guess you could put up with them anyway, but you’ll always have to compromise. If you’d been set up based on your Netflix preferences, on the other hand? Eternal happiness. Maybe.

As PSFK reports, that’s what the brains behind Binger want to do: match you with people based on your Netflix user data. Instead of asking about your hobbies (TV, duh) or making you upload a photo, it’ll get to what really matters: what shows you watch and for how long, the frequency of your binge-watching, and whether you stuck it out with season two of House of Cards despite that snooze-worthy China subplot. (Guilty.)

The only stumbling block is that Netflix isn’t on board. They don’t share their API with anyone, and they’re not keen on giving out that amount of user data. Binger’s made a website to try to build momentum for the idea, and is asking people to rally around the #BeAloneTogether hashtag, but maybe it’s better that this isn’t a reality.

I mean, it does seem a little intimate for someone to know I once spent a day in bed with Downton Abbey before they’ve even met me. And sometimes the best match is someone whose taste overlaps with yours but isn’t exactly the same. On the other hand, if there’s an app that can tell me whether I should bother with season three of House of Cards, sign me up.

Diane Shipley