Googlifier Chrome extension adds googly eyes to the internet

It’s common knowledge that putting googly eyes on things automatically makes them better, but what about the internet? You can hardly keep sticking googly eyes onto your monitor, that’d be silly. If you often pine for something that will let you bring googly eyes to the web, Googlifier is the perfect Chrome extension for you.

Created by a man called Steve Wozniak (who is a different Steve Wozniak to the man who co-founded Apple), Googlifier will slap googly eyes all over the current webpage at the click of a button. Up top you’ll be able to see what it did to the ShinyShiny homepage.

Sadly Googlifier doesn’t work on the banner at the very top of the page so we’ve ended up with googly eyes that are rather small. You can still see what’s going on, and I think googly eyed Jared Leto might be the best thing I’ll see all week. What does it do to Netflix I wonder?


I think Gandalf may have been smoking too much pipe weed with Bilbo. He may have a problem.

Sometimes it works amazingly, and sometimes it’s a little bit underwhelming. But if you’re suffering from a case of the Monday blues, you might want to head out and give it a try. It’s free, and you can download it from the Chrome store.

Tom Pritchard