LG could have a phone with a ‘dual edge’ screen on the way

Despite the fact that Samsung only ever referred to it as a limited edition concept, the Galaxy Note Edge has gone down remarkably well with the masses. So it’s no surprise that other companies have taken notice, and LG is apparently going to be releasing a similar phone of its own.

According to this leaked photo from a private viewing at CES, the new phone will go one step further than the Note Edge by having two curved displays — one on each side of the phone’s display.

Sadly the showing was being not being conducted by the main branch of LG, rather it was all coming from LG Display. While LG Display is the branch of the company responsible for making displays, it doesn’t actually make smartphones. That means that despite the display existing, it’s no confirmation that LG will be releasing it any time soon.

Rumour has it that Xiaomi is interested in the display, however, and may be releasing a phone called the ‘Xiaomi Arch’ that will utilise it. LG might also decide to go ahead and release a phone with edge-style displays anyway. At this point we don’t know.

It’s all speculation for the time being, and with CES having just ended I wouldn’t hold out for any announcements in the coming weeks. We’ll have to wait until MWC in March before we likely hear anything concrete.

Tom Pritchard