The government wants 3G and 4G in the London Underground

Pretty much everyone can access free Wi-Fi in a lot of Underground stations, but it’s not really the same as having full mobile signal available to you. The government seems to agree, and has revealed it wants 4G and 3G services to be brought to the entire underground network.

Nothing is confirmed yet, but the government has revealed that it is in talks with Transport for London about how to fund and implement the network throughout the underground system. The main concern is that the current Wi-Fi network put in place by Virgin can be inconsistent, and doesn’t extend beyond the stations themselves. That’s a bit useless if you’re already sitting on a train.

The proposal is one of many that aims to boost the economy of the capital, and obviously having mobile signal in the underground sections of the underground would be a massive help to pretty much everyone. I mean, it’s possible to get 4G coverage in the Channel Tunnel, so why not the Underground as well?

One of the other proposals involves making sure all subterranean sections of the tube have Wi-Fi by the end of the next government. Whether that means all stations, or in the tunnels themselves, is unclear.

Tom Pritchard

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