A quarter of a million people have used EE’s Channel Tunnel 4G

You can get internet in an awful lot of places these days, but few are quite so bizarre as enjoying perfect 4G signal 75 metres under the English Channel. EE customers have been able to do that for two months now, and from the looks of things they’re loving the opportunity.

Since the 14th of September, 250,000 customers have connected to the underground portion of its network, enjoying all the things Kevin Bacon keeps waffling on about on TV, and using up 282GB of data in the process.

Just because it’s underground doesn’t mean it’s slow, either. 2G and 3G speeds are available, but the average speed for a 4G handset was 13.5Mbps with some lucky people even reaching speeds as high as 57Mbps. In a tunnel. Under the sea.

It’s unlikely to be very long until other networks jump in and follow EE by installing their own networks, but until then EE customers are going to have a much nicer experience as they travel between Dover and Calais. I just can’t help but wonder how long it’ll be before we start seeing 4G in the tunnels of the London Underground. The number of people who’d use it would probably end up smashing these stats in less than a week.

Image: Herbert Ortner via Wikimedia Commons

Tom Pritchard

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