The Apple Watch will have an app for diabetics to track their glucose levels

Wearables are trying to integrate themselves into your life in a lot of different ways, but none so useful as being able to track various aspects of your health. It’s now been revealed that the Apple Watch will also be capable of tracking glucose levels, making life much easier for diabetics.

Dexcom, a company responsible for manufacturing medical products, told the Wall Street Journal that its upcoming Apple Watch app will be capable of continuously monitoring a person’s blood sugar levels.

The detection will not, however, be done by the Watch itself, instead it will rely on a small sensor under the user’s skin. This sensor will monitor levels every five minutes, and the data will be available on the Apple Watch as part of a graph.

Dexcom has confirmed that the sensor and app will be available in April, around the same time the Apple Watch officially launches.

Hopefully the app will not be an Apple Watch exclusive, since it could do an awful lot of good for diabetics across the world. There shouldn’t really be any reason why the app won’t eventually be available on Android Wear, or even smartphones, in the near future.

Tom Pritchard