Will Facebook finally let us ‘dislike’ things?

In a live Facebook Q&A yesterday, founder Mark Zuckerberg admitted that the company is looking into the idea of letting us dislike stuff – or at least have more of a range of human emotions.

According to The Next Web, a ‘dislike’ button is still off the table, because Facebook’s not about negativity. (Just manipulating people’s emotions and mining their data.) But Zuck did say that the company’s in ongoing discussions about how to allow users to respond to posts with a click in ways other than clicking ‘like’. (I vote for a ‘U OK hon’ option so no one ever types that again.)

And, let’s face it, it’s badly needed: there’s only so many times you can respond to a driving test fail or a death in the family with a cheery click before you start looking like a sociopath. And resorting to a ‘solidarity like’ when something bad happens to a friend then commenting, ‘I’m liking because I’m sympathetic not because I’m glad that happened’ is getting old fast.

He was also asked about how Facebook can be seen as less of a place people go to procrastinate and waste time, and he denied that’s how people use it, instead emphasising how great it is for keeping in touch with family. Huh. Has he ever actually used the site? Or read the kind of thing people’s relatives post…?

Image via Bill & Vicki T’s Flickr.

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