BT is expected to choose between O2 and EE anytime now

You may remember recent reports that indicated BT was looking to buy a mobile network, with both O2 and EE up for grabs. Today it’s been revealed that the telecoms giant is supposedly getting ready to reveal its decision anytime now.

Sources told Reuters that the decision is set to be revealed, and it could come as early as today (12th December). We don’t have total confirmation that this is true, but Telefónica chairman Cesar Alierta apparently flew to London yesterday to support his company as negotiations heat up.

To make matters interesting, reports are still lingering that Three is planning on making an offer on the losing company. That would definitely be an interesting merger, but as I’ve pointed out before regulatory bodies might not be so keen on Three buying a network as big as EE.

We’ll keep you updated if we hear anything else, but in the meantime we can only speculate as to who BT will choose. EE would make sense in terms of the amount of infrastructure, ultimately it all comes down to which network BT thinks is the best deal.

Tom Pritchard

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