The OnePlus One can be bought without an invite until stock runs out

The OnePlus One has been incredibly well received, but it certainly hasn’t been easy to get your hands on one. Well, not as easy as buying an iPhone 6 or an Xperia Z3, at the very least. Fortunately, the folks at OnePlus have a special Christmas treat for us all: anyone can buy a OnePlus One without needing an invite.

The catch is that once they run out of stock, that’s it. It’s not clear whether that will mean no more OnePlus Ones ever again, or if that just means the end of the offer. Hopefully it’s the former because we’re not exactly sure when the OnePlus Two is due to be released.

With prices starting from £229 and a promise from OnePlus that the phone will arrive before Christmas Day, it would make the perfect gift for any tech enthusiasts in your family. Especially if they need a new phone.

You’d better hurry though: the OnePlus One has been seriously popular and the first time people were allowed to buy one without an invite, things got a bit crazy.

You can buy a OnePlus One from the official UK store.

Tom Pritchard

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