OnePlus One pre-orders will reopen on November 17th

Earlier this month the folks behind the OnePlus One smartphone decided to do away with the invite system and allow people to pre-order and purchase the phone with no string attached. The problem was the system wasn’t able to handle that kind of pressure and many people were left unable to buy a phone of their own.

Initially the pre-orders were supposed to be open for an hour, but that was extended to three hours when people were experiencing problems. Luckily pre-orders are going to open up again on November 17th, giving people yet another chance to get their hands on the flagship-on-a-budget smartphone.

The pre-orders will re-open at 2pm GMT on the day, though it doesn’t say how long the system will accept pre-orders for. Hopefully this time the system will be able to handle the influx of people trying to get a OnePlus One of their own.

If you’d like to know more, and want instructions on how to prepare your pre-order ahead of time, head over to the OnePlus One blog.


Tom Pritchard

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