Apple might have fixed the bendy iPhone problem

We’ve all heard of ‘bendgate’, the saga of bendy iPhone 6 Pluses that change shape while sitting in people’s pockets. Well if reports are to be believed then Apple might have fixed the problem in a rather hushed fashion.

Apple originally claimed that only 10 people initially complained about the problem, but that doesn’t appear to have stopped them from fixing it because some users are claiming that Apple appears to have strengthened the device. One Redditor claims that the phone he bought very recently is different to the one his wife bought at launch.

The user claims that his phone is not as smooth or soft to touch as the original model, and that after tapping both the launch model appears to be more hollow sounding. He also claims to have put the phone under a microscope and noticed a small red object by the volume control, most likely to reinforce the weak point from any bending attacks.

Sadly he did not include any pictures, which means we can’t corroborate the claims that he has made. In any case it’s interesting to note that Apple and Foxconn both claimed that bending was not a wide-spread problem, yet the phone’s appear to have been fixed anyway. Covering their backs I suppose?

Tom Pritchard

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