A gold Moto 360 briefly appeared on Amazon

The Moto 360 may have finally launched in the UK, but it appears that we still have a bit more to see about Motorola’s round-faced Android Wear smartwatch because at some point yesterday a gold-coloured variant of the watch appeared very briefly on Amazon.

Not only that but the retail giant also accidentally revealed a silver version of the watch that comes with a brown leather strap, as well as a number of dark metal and silver straps that will sell for $80 (£50).

Obviously the listings are no longer live, but Phandroid did manage to grab a screenshot of the gold watch for everyone to look at. As you can see it’s a Moto 360 with a similar gold colouring to an iPhone. Motorola hasn’t commented, but the listing on Amazon had a price tag of $300 (£187) for the gold watch, and $250 (£156) for the leather-strapped silver version.

We don’t know when these devices will be available, or if they’ll even be made available outside of the US. We’ll keep you updated if we hear any more.

Tom Pritchard

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