The Nutshell pod gives you privacy at work (and makes you seem weird)

Now here’s what I call multi-tasking: not only does the Nutshell isolation pod give you time out when the world around you gets too much, but it also makes you look like a complete weirdo. (I’m guessing fans of the Ostrich pillow will be rushing to snap one up.)

Designed by Eden Lew, a masters student at the School of Visual Arts in New York, the pod might look silly, but, as Fast Company reports, it has a serious intent. Working in open plan offices has been proven to be bad for our health and can be especially emotionally draining for introverts.

On the other hand, taking regular breaks increases productivity while lowering stress levels. ‘People who schedule in a short time for relaxing and taking in the moment are more productive, and less likely to burn out. It’s a simple intervention into the life of a stressed-out student or worker,’ says Lew.

The Nutshell is designed to slip over the head and chest and blocks out all light, so it can even be used for a quick (if not the most comfortable) nap. Plus, it’s probably a more effective signal to colleagues that you need to avoid them for a while than staring at your computer screen with a murderous expression or coming in every day wearing a series of increasingly large headphones. The only question I have is: will it be too anti-social to wear it at parties?

It’s just a prototype at present, but Lew is now seriously considering making it a reality. If she does, she’d also like it to come with a complementary meditation app to increase its relaxation potential.

Images via Eden Lew’s website.

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