The Nexus 9 has its own bendgate-like issue

First the iPhone 6 Plus, then the Galaxy Note 4, and the Xperia Z3, it seems like all mobile devices end up with one crucial flaw that’s discovered after release, and now the Nexus 9 has one of its own.

So what’s this problem? Well a gif posted on the Google+ page of Ars Technica’s Ron Amadeo shows that it’s possible to make a dent on the back of the device by applying small amounts of pressure.

While Amadeo seems to be mocking the device’s so-called ‘premium design’ there doesn’t appear to be any permanent damage because the shell pops back into place almost immediately. You can’t really say that about the iPhone 6 Plus. This is just one test though, who knows what might happen if the shell is pressed in with prolonged force.

While this issue is unlikely to be as widespread as the iPhone’s bendgate it’s still something you need to keep an eye on if you were planning on buying a Nexus 9 for yourself.

Tom Pritchard

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