Uh oh, people are reporting that their iPhone 6 Plus bent while in their pockets

Everything has its teething problems, and the iPhone has never been an exception to that rule. Who can remember the iPhone 4s that didn’t make calls because of a design flaw? There seems to be another design flaw going around at the moment, because people are noting that iPhone 6s are starting to warp and bend in their pockets.

These reports come from users on the MacRumours forums, and one in particular notes that the user had their iPhone 6 Plus in their pocket for roughly 18 hours whilst travelling, and when it was removed there was a slight, but obvious, bend in the phone.

As you can see, that’s not something you can pass off as the surface not being flat, or the protruding camera getting in the way. The issue isn’t very widespread, but this case is far from the exception as a number of people have noted that the same thing has happened to them.

The damage may not be particularly serious, but if this continues that you could end up with the warping seriously damaging the internal components and turning that £600 phone into an expensive paperweight.

Tom Pritchard


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