Epic Watchphones could bring the smartphone to your wrist

The rumours surrounding the Samsung Gear S had a lot of people very excited, the idea that a smartwatch would have 3G capabilities was incredible. No one had done it before and many people were hoping for a smartwatch that wasn’t totally reliant on being connected to a smartphone. Sadly, that was not the case as the Gear S needed to be paired with another Galaxy device. But someone else has stepped up to the plate, Epic Watchphones who want to bring the smartphone to your wrist.

It looks much like an ordinary watch, the difference being it has a small square screen in the middle that functions as the smart section of the smartwatch.

They’re currently looking for $50,000 dollars worth of funding on Indiegogo and $249 (3151) will get you your own copy of the smartwatch. Sadly the watch doesn’t exist just yet, but the creators have promised that it has working prototypes — they just need the money to put it into mass production.

But imagine it, a smartwatch that has no reliance on a smartphone whatsoever. It’s an exciting prospect, and hopefully it will make it into the world.

Tom Pritchard