Google Now’s new feature saves you money on air travel

When you think of virtual assistants you generally think of something like Siri with its strange replies and voice control, but that’s not all they can do. Google Now, Google’s own virtual assistant, is constantly adding new features (like remembering where you parked)and one of the most recent is designed to help save you money when you’re booking plane tickets.

It’s not just for people who fly frequently either, it could be incredibly beneficial to people who are just travelling as a one off. Since Google Now is well integrated with Google’s search functions, it can see when you’ve been looking at prices for flights and will keep an eye on them for you. Occasionally it’ll pop up with a little card to show off what you might be interested in.

While Google’s search features and personalisation have been consider ‘evil’ by some, this is a perfect example of how integrating different Google features can actually be beneficial to the consumer. Having something keep track on prices so you don’t have to is more than just useful, and if it manages to spot a bargain it could well save you a significant amount of money.

But it’s likely that this feature will be popping up on Cortana and Siri soon enough. Oh well, it’s not like that’s a bad thing.

Tom Pritchard