Bendgate is old news, it’s all about Gapgate now

Bendgate is a bit of a serious issue, and ignoring the fact that adding the ‘gate’ suffix onto any sort of scandal is ridiculous and unnecessary the hashtag has helped people vent their frustrations about bendy iPhone 6s and allowed other to relentlessly mock the issue. Well Bengate is old news, it’s all about Gapgate now.

So what is Gapgate? Fortunately for fans of the clothing chain, it has nothing to do with Gap the shop, this is about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. That’s right, despite mocking the iPhone 6 for its bendy woes, Samsung has problems of its own: a visible gap between the phone’s display panel and its casing.

In fact it’s a gap big enough to fit a business card into. If a business card can get in then who knows what else can as well. Dust and water spring to mind.

The Galaxy Note 4 isn’t due to be released here for a little while, but reports have indicated that Samsung rushed to release the device in Korea to try and compete with the iPhone 6 Plus. Sadly it may have done a bit too much rushing and is faced with it’s own PR disaster.

Let’s just hope they get the issue sorted before the 10th October.

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Tom Pritchard

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