Bing apps are adopting the MSN brand name

Bing the search engine is still alive and kicking but Microsoft is ditching the Bing moniker for a number of Windows Phone apps in favour of the MSN name. The change has started happening already as many Windows Phone user may attest to.

It makes a little bit of sense to be honest. The Bing name is often met with sneers and mockery over the assumption that Google is a far superior product. MSN, on the other hand, is met with warm memories of teenage evenings spent talking to your friends online. The name change might help, or it might not. But it’s worth a shot right?

Most of the former Bing apps have been rebranded with the MSN so far, but Bing Translator and Bing Maps are two that have yet to make the change. It is likely that the change could happen in the near future though. On the flipside, Bing is reportedly still the dominant name on the Windows 8.1 app store, with Bing Finance being the only app to have changed its name. It’s called MSN Money now.

So far the name is the only thing to change, and the apps themselves remain exactly the same. We don’t know how far this rebranding process will go in the future, but it does appear that Microsoft has little interest in keeping Bing alive. Whether this means the search engine will be rebranded has yet to be seen.

Bing is dead. Long live MSN.

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Tom Pritchard

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  • Overall the new MSN site has a much better design and UI than the previous version. However, I don’t see enough added-value (content) to visit the site on a daily basis. Having removed some of the personalization features – like bookmarks – also makes the site less appealing as browser start page. A start page like offers a lot more customization features.

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