The Cocoon security system can protect your home with just one device

Cocoon is a new smart home security system that uses one device (around the size of a tennis ball) to protect your whole house. (What did we tell you? Smart.) It only launched a week ago and has already hit its Indiegogo fundraising goal of $100,000 (around £62,000).

It works using patented SUBSOUND™ technology to detect infrasound, a very low frequency that can’t be perceived by the human ear. Cocoon quickly ‘learns’ your usual behaviours in order to recognise when something is off – such as someone trying to crowbar their way in – and then sends an alert to your smartphone. It also comes with night vision and internet connectivity. Plus, it looks cute, which never hurts. (Just ask kittens.)

Unlike every other security system on the market, with Cocoon one device is all you need as it can detect what’s going on in other rooms even behind closed doors. And it’s a British success story in the making, the company having been founded by a team from the Leeds area. (Back in 2010, Cocoon’s co-founder Dan Conlon sold his cloud storage company Humyo for $18m, so these guys know what they’re doing.)

If you want to get in on the action, the Early Bird packages are already sold out but you can get an Early Adopter package for £189 or $299 (it works in the UK and North America), cheaper than it’ll cost in the shops. They expect to start shipping early next year but until then, you can learn more via the website or watch a video of the Cocoon doing its thing.

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Diane Shipley