Tesla is one step closer to bringing its supercharger network to the whole of the UK

Electric cars are fairly important, especially since that the oil is going to run out eventually and we need something to power our travels. Of course an electric car is worthless if you can’t charge it, which is why Tesla is working on expanding its network of car-charging ports across the country.

To help things along, Tesla is working on expanding beyond London by opening its fourth Tesla store and service station in Birmingham. The company is also in the process of recruiting to open similar facilities in Manchester, Edinburgh, Bristol, and Newcastle.

The expansion of the super-charging network also means that six new charging points have been opened, three of which are in London. So now anyone with a Model S can drive to Canary Wharf, Tower Bridge, Westfield White City, Reading, Bristol, and Edinburgh. Recharging is also free, so that’s rather handy for people.

This might seem like a relatively small step, but you’ve all heard the now-clichéd saying about Rome and its construction time. Who knows, maybe in a couple of years time we’ll have supercharging points all over the country?

Image via Tesla Motors

Tom Pritchard