It’s official, the gold Moto 360 is coming

There have been many-a-rumour flying around about the possibility of a gold Moto 360, rumours that went a little bit crazy when it briefly appeared on Amazon. The speculation is now over, because Motorola has confirmed that the watch is a real thing.

It’s real, but that’s not all because Motorola also used this opportunity to announce new peripherals and two new apps – one for designing your own watch face and the other for activity tracking.

The new peripherals include interchangeable bands, including the option to have them in grey or gold metal. These new options, plus the app that lets you customise your own watchface, does make it clear that Motorola is doing its best to ensure you have as much power to customise your watch so that it suits you. This might be to try and compete with the dozens of Apple Watch variants that are due to go on sale sometime next year.

The activity tracker app is called ‘Moto Body’ and from the sounds of things it’s going to function like any other activity tracker on the market, i.e. counting steps, calories, how far you’ve travelled, as well as monitoring your heart rate. Motorola claims it’s designed to “inspire a healthy lifestyle”, which is sort-of the point of activity trackers isn’t it?

We don’t have any UK specific prices or release dates yet, but the gold and light metal versions of the Moto 360 are set to go on sale in the US within the next couple of months, and will cost $330 (£208) and $300 (£189) respectively.

Tom Pritchard