BlackBerry Rio: another keyboardless phone from the struggling smartphone maker

BlackBerry hasn’t had a great time recently. Despite the bizarre square BlackBerry Passport phone and upcoming BlackBerry Classic, both with the company’s trademark full-sized QWERTY keyboards, it seems it hasn’t given up on a touchscreen-only devices just yet.

According to BlackBerry rumour site N4BB, the company is working on a new touchscreen-only flagship with high-end hardware specs. Currently going going by the name ‘Rio’, the phone is supposed to be a successor the the Z30 — a phone we first saw last year.

Sadly, we don’t know anything about the phone in its current form. Since BlackBerry is trying to rebuild its reputation as a smartphone manufacturer, it’s going to be interesting to see what it comes out with, and whether it can create something that sets it apart from the competition while still being something people want to buy. Amazingly, the Passport got 250,000 preorders.

Don’t expect the Rio to be officially announced anytime soon, but we’ll keep you informed if anything else pops up.

Tom Pritchard


  • These so called journalists have no idea whatsoever they are writing. Its shows how imbecile ,moron and clueless such journalists are. BlackBerry Passport is selling like hot cakes and demand has exceeded supply . And Passport is not for moron people who don’t use brain to use an ultimate utility machine I.e Blackberry Passport

  • What are you talking about? Do you even research the garbage you write? The Passport has been a huge success so far. Please stop spreading lies. Also, look at BlackBerry’s strategy of late. BES12, BlackBerry Blend, QNX integration etc, etc. The list is huge. Also, search why BB10 is now winning awards for best operating system. You obviously have no clue what you’re talking about and it shows with flying colors in this article.

  • stop saying struggling company, you need to check recent history of Blackberry and its latest products and joint ventures etc

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