Gorilla Glass 4 promises to stop dropped phones from smashing 80% of the time

We’ve all experienced the panic that comes with dropping our phone and praying that it doesn’t shatter upon hitting the ground, case or no case. Corning have already gone a long way to making this a thing of the past with their super-tough Gorilla Glass, currently on version 3 (although of course it’s not on all phones). Now, they’ve created Gorilla Glass 4, which they claim is twice as strong as the glass available from its competitors. Internal tests indicate that Gorilla Glass 4 will survive 80% of everyday drops.

Many iPhone fans spent some time this year hoping that Apple would implement Sapphire Glass into the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, because it was supposed to be a super strong display that could withstand more torture than conventional displays.

Obviously that never happened, and while many people were likely disappointed by that, this announcement means there’s hope yet for unsmashable phones. Which, for a bunch of clutzes like us, is no bad thing.

Tom Pritchard

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