Brace yourself: Mail Online could be turned into a TV show

Good news for anyone who thinks the Mail Online’s sidebar of shame would be a hundred times better if it involved a couple of randoms shouting about famous women’s sideboob and cellulite instead.

Yep, not content with being the most popular online newspaper in the UK and having over 44 million uniques a month in the US, the Mail’s internet portal could soon be turned into a TV show. As The Guardian reports, the site’s publisher Martin Clarke told The Wall Street Journal that several producers in the US have expressed interest in developing it for TV. It would be similar to existing celeb gossip shows like Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood, but with more of a focus on what’s popular online.

Nothing’s been decided yet, but Clarke says they are considering it. And who can blame Hollywood for being keen? I think we all want to see headlines like ‘I’m A Celebrity stars FINALLY get a good meal (and booze)… but only after Kendra and Jimmy chow down on ostrich feet, cow lips and antelope penis’ and ‘Rosie Huntington-Whiteley rocks bejewelled blanket coat with skinny jeans to strut through LAX airport’ brought vividly to life on our HDTVs.

Throw in some myths about immigrants and analyses of famous women’s weight while pretending to praise them, and you’ve got a bona fide hit that perfectly captures the tone of the site. In other news, I might be heaving my TV in a river later. No reason.

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Diane Shipley