Yahoo, Google, and Amazon reveal the top Halloween costume searches

Google, Yahoo, and Amazon have revealed their top Halloween costume searches of the last week, and as Jezebel points out, the general public isn’t as imaginative as you might have hoped.

Ninja Turtles top the list for Yahoo and Google and Frozen characters are a hit across the board, while some inventive souls still using Yahoo are just searching for generic ‘superhero’ costumes, presumably in the hope that they’ll find some previously unknown character who’ll let them look as cool as Chris Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy or Jada Pinkett Smith in Gotham.

And as long as there’s Halloween, the Pirates of the Caribbean films will never be over, as Jack Sparrow lives on (and on, and on…) Angelina Jolie might be the female Johnny Depp from here on out, as Maleficent pops up in the top five for both Google and Amazon and, given the smash success of the film and the iconography of her outfit, she’s probably set to become a fixture for years to come.

Other ass-kicking women popular this year are Poison Ivy, Catwoman, and Wonder Woman. Can’t-go-wrong classics, for sure, but a little predictable, especially considering that it’s now been confirmed that we’re going to be seeing both a Supergirl TV show and a lady Ghostbusters and this would be a great time to get ahead.

Still, even an uninspired costume is better than a tasteless one and Yahoo warns that dressing up as anything related to Ebola or ISIS come the 31st will not make you popular. You’d hope that wouldn’t need saying, but who knows what Julianne Hough was planning.

Image via taymtaym’s Flickr.

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