This could be how the start menu works in Windows 9

Windows 8 made a lot of people rather upset, particularly because Microsoft decided to remove one key feature — the start menu. While the start menu is supposed to be coming back in the next update to Windows 8.1, it seems Microsoft isn’t willing to make the same mistake twice, and the start menu is rumoured to be a key feature in Windows 9 — in fact there’s a video that apparently shows it off.

The voiceover in the video claims that the start menu is working in the Windows Technical Preview, and it is certainly reminiscent of what the supposed leaked images of Windows 9 that we’ve seen before.

As you might expect it’s not exactly the same as the start menu that was included in Windows 7, but it’s very clear what it is. It’s just had a bit of a revamp that’s all, and the ‘Metro’ tiles on the side of the menu are a very clear indication that Microsoft isn’t willing to give up on the format just yet.

Obviously we can’t verify that this is the real deal, and it’s possible that someone just decided to make a strange new custom start menu for Windows 8 and show it off as a leak. If it is accurate it’s a fresh design that, while not exactly what we’re used to, is familiar and pleasant on the eyes.

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Tom Pritchard